Thursday, 7 June 2018

BSNLEU Circle Union’s nasty and ugly attitude:
A poster was released yesterday by Chennai Telephones circle BSNLEU claiming credit for the SIM card decision. We all know the demand for rupees 429 plan SIM card to all our employees was raised jointly by the Staff Side of the National Council which includes both NFTE and BSNLEU. Even before NFTE/ CHQ demanded this facility in a written communications to our CMD on 20-02-2018. But BSNLEU as usual is trying to take credit for this achievement of Staff Side . This is very childish and in a bad taste. However BSNLEU rightly should take credit for the following  as it is the Main recognised union and continuously enjoying the recognised union status for the past 14 years since 2004. Will it take the credit for all those happened in BSNL under its very nose ?
1. Third Pay Revision is delayed to our employees endlessly.
2. Allowances were not revised since 2007 for the
    past 11 years
3. Bonus ( PLI) was denied for more than 9 years
4. BBNL company was separately formed for
      broadband services and it is operating already
5. Employees were denied right to write examination for promotion because they didn’t posses required education qualifications
6. Compassionate ground appointments were made very difficult by implementation of mark system
7. BSNLMRS medical scheme was almost finished and diluted.
8. Exploitation of Contract Labourers by Contractors
9. BSNL works are systematically handed over to
     Private parties
10. Formation of Separate tower company
The above “ Achievements “ Of BSNLEU are only few samples . They can claim credit for few other achievements also.
1. Non finalisation of Standing orders for BSNL even after 18 long years
2. Insertion of anti-worker sub rules in BSNL CDA
   Rules- 2006
3. No proper scheme for Terminal benefits to the
    Direct recruited BSNL staff
4. Although Pension revision was effected to Central Government employees from 01-01-2016 still BSNL Pensioners are left high and dry.
5. Minimum ( Family) Pension in BSNL is just rupees 3000 still whereas Central Government
Pensioners are getting 9000 rupees, a three fold increase.
6. Non- functioning of National Council/ Circle Council/ Local Council/ Works Committee as per Corporate Office instructions.
Let BSNLEU Leadership take credit for all above mentioned “ Achievements” also . We have no quarrel over their claim of these so called achievements.

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