Sunday, 6 May 2018

Chennai Telephones Circle Union celebrated 201 Birth Anniversary of Greatest Philosopher Karl Marx on May-5 :
NFTE, FNTO, TEPU, NFTCL , PEWA, AITUC leaders spoke about the life time achievement of Karl Marx . More than 350 comrades enthusiastically participated in the birth anniversary. Comrade Venkatesan, District President of North Chennai NFTE presided over the meeting. Comrades Elangoven, Anandan, Lingamoorthy, J.Lakshmanan,
Arumugam, Vijayakumar. Babu, Ramasamy, CKM spoke at this function.Circle Union journal SANGA
MUZAKKAM was distributed to the members through Branches.
NFTE/NFTCL, CHTD Circle Union Celebrated for 201 Birth Anniversary of Greatest Philosopher Karl Marx and 133 th May day at Anna Nager Chennai-40, On 05.05.2018.

CSD P1 Sabapathi K: Com.M.Nagarajan & Com.R.Arumugam Dist.Secy.South & North both retiring this month hoisting the May Day & Nftcl flag at DGM( A) office .

Com.Chandru,TT,KellysT/D retired in the month of April n Com.S.Kothandapani,Nftcl President North Chennai hoisting the May Day ,Nftcl flag resp @ Kellys exch.

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