Thursday, 8 February 2018

Beware of Rumour Mongers ?
Due to the three days historic strike in September 2000 by NFTE and FNTO government pension was safeguarded for all those DOT employees who got permanent absorption in to BSNL with effect from 01-01-2000. As per the strike agreement CCS pension rules, 1972 was amended and a sub rule 37 A was inserted exclusively for DOT employees absorbed in to BSNL. Accordingly for the last seventeen years till now our employees / executives after retirement are getting the government pension from Consolidated Fund of Government of India with out any hitch . Even the wrong order issued in 2006 by DOT limiting its commitment to pension expenditure of our employees/ executives was recently rectified. 
    In this situation few people are wantonly spreading wild rumours that the retirement age in BSNL is going to be reduced from 60 to 58 years. Opposition to this proposal by AUA leaders has of course given some credibility to this wrong and motivated rumours . Hence this clarification. As our government pension is linked firmly with CCS( Pension) Rules , 1972 unless the age of retirement for entire Central Government employees is modified or reduced none can reduce it only for BSNL employees/ executives selectively . This simple fact was forgotten by All and unnecessarily credence has been given to wild rumours. Let us firmly assure the employees in BSNL that NFTE will not allow any dilution of our achievements in Winning the government pension for us which is the Eighth wonder of the world for which we had to thank Comrade O.P. Gupta throughout our life.

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